AirX LS Base-Layer

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Temperature Range
-5 > +5°C

  • Riding position preshaped SKIN Fit construction
  • Fabric ID Gold Polartec® Power Wool® (34% Merino WO, 66% PL)
  • UV protection
  • Sizes: XS > XXL

Polartec Power Wool™ is a design breakthrough for combining the distinct advantages of natural and synthetic fibers in a bi-component fabric. Combining merino and synthetic fibers in a patented hybrid construction enhances the performance benefits of each fiber while resolving many flaws of traditional blends. Wool fibers offer increased base comfort by retaining insulation and breathability even when wet. Their absorbent nature pulls moisture vapor away from your skin, transferring it to the outer synthetic layer where it expands and evaporates more quickly. This mechanical wicking action allows Polartec Power Wool™ to keep moisture in motion at all times. Merino wool is inherently resilient due to a cortex of intricate keratin filaments that give the fiber its soft crimp. Adding resilient synthetic fibers in the bi-component construction further enhances the overall tensile stability and resistance to abrasive surfaces. Polartec Power Wool™ adapts to such divergent conditions that it can excel during a wide variety of performance activities and diverse environmental conditions. This performance ability to balance both breathability and warmth provides consistent comfort at all times.
Polartec  Power Wool

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Size guide

international size - snow

man (CM) S M L XL 2XL 3XL
chest 92 96 100 106 112 116
waist 79 83 87 93 99 103
hips 94 98 102 108 114 118
leg 79 81 83 85 87 89
woman (CM) XS S M L XL 2XL
chest 81 85 89 95 99 103
waist 65 69 73 79 83 89
hips 88 92 96 102 106 112
leg 75 76 77,5 79 81 82