A capsule collection that is born from the joining of great Italian excellences in the world of design, fabrics and sport apparel tradition.

The Jonny Molerh+ top of the range, a signature that means design identity and is synonymous of research, style and technology: Jonny Mole's DNA meets rh+' one to create two looks dedicated to those cyclists looking for the best, always.

Crafted in Italy with Italian fabrics with top class technical partners, like Elastic Interface, with style solutions and innovative constructions, looking for the best performances on the road and on gravel as well.

Product designed starting from in action cyclist anatomy to optimize technical gesture and comfort during the effort.

Dreams Need Action is not only a payoff but becomes the synthetis of the perseverance in pursuing our dreams: to reach the perfection you have to act, like you do to gain any sport result.

Jonny Mole ROAD Collection

There's a fine line between your body and the road: this garment.

Every single element is a little anatomy treatise: everything is so light, so strong, so breathable that the body, the road and the cloth are just one thing.

Jonny Mole GRAVEL Collection

Past and future have something in common: this garment.

Behind harmony of tech solution with vintage taste, there is a complex processing of the suit, sewn for an ultramodern comfort.

An emotion to explore.

Jonny Mole ACCESSORIES Collection

Complete your look with the exclusive Jonny Mole's accessories