Cycling sportglasses collection

Performance-driven sportglasses that are perfect for all outdoor sports activities and developed in conjunction with international athletes and Pro Teams of the Powerlogic Lab. An exclusive combo of quality lenses, lightness, resistence and style makes rh+ sportglasses unique. Developed to guarantee optimal visibility and safety, even in extreme weather conditions and under maximum physical efforts.

Olympo AirX Project

Innovation sometimes means to question principles and beliefs that are considered common. The Powerlogic Lab did so and re-writing a new paradigm of sport glasses: lifting lenses without taking the whole glasses off, with a single and simple move of your fingers.

Syncro swing lenses system
Technology that allows you to lift both lenses at the same time with one simple gesture and using just one hand. Choose between protection from the sun and air or increased ventilation, which is especially useful on uphill climbs when lenses can fog up.

Multi-fit bridge nose
Titanium-beryllium coated in hypoallergenic silicon means that you can either widen or tighten the pads that rest on the bridge of your nose, as well as adjust the distance between the glasses and your face.

Sport multi-fit bridge nose grip extensible temples
With temples that can be lengthened or shortened by 6 mm, you can adapt the glasses to fit your face perfectly. This gives the glasses incredible stability in all positions and conditions.

Intercheangable SEE HD

High protection standards with an excellent absorption performance of the infrared rays, while maintaining a balanced color clarity and brightness calibration.

100% UV protection
Absorption and complete protection against UV rays, responsible for reducing the tear film, the feeling of warmth, dryness and eye fatigue.

Optical Class 1
All SEE HD lenses are from optical Class1, classification that certifies the best quality and the absolute best resistance. Recommended for prolonged use, they are in compliance of the European directives safety requirements.

Shock resistance
The polycarbonate of which the lenses are made is a highly resistant to impacts and scratches material.